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Why I'm Selling My Sony a7R III

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It's time, I'm selling my Sony a7R III and I wanted to share my reasoning with all of you.
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Welcome to ditch Auto my name's Jared and today I wanted to talk about why I am selling my sony a7r 3 now I often get asked questions about what camera I'm using mainly because a lot of people know that I'm a photographer but even more so a lot of people know that I switched to Sony a number of years ago I think it's it's over three years maybe four years maybe more than four years.

I'm not really too sure anymore but I switched from Canon to Sony and that's still a transitional question that a lot of people have and then there's a lot of folks that know about this channel and so they're asking me like what I'm using currently as if that's some sort of indicator as to what the best is that's out there but regardless I upgraded to the a7 r3 when it came out of course.

When it came out I was super ready for it the a7 r2 had been out for a while and I'd been using that camera and I did get rid of the a7 r2 after getting the a7 r3 now absolutely love the a7 are three I had previously also used the a9 so there were things that I really kind of missed about the a9 but of course the a7 r3 has a lot of features that I wanted more than what the a9 had in a.

Sense and so really this video is just to talk about why I'm getting rid of this camera and why what I'm replacing it with essentially which is a camera I already have so I'm not like switching brands I'm not doing anything like that I'm simply using the camera that is the best fit for what I'm currently doing in my opinion there's no sense in showing up to anything with too much equipment.

That's definitely been something that I've done in the past it's very easy for me to do that because I can justify it by saying well I'm gonna go on YouTube and talk about my camera equipment and whatnot so there's lots of ways that I've justified over the years to have additional gear that I might not necessarily need and so right now I'm kind of going through this process of.

Getting rid of everything that's not essential because I know that I could rent items as needed rather than just owning all of them so right here is basically my a7 our three kit that I was using currently has the 16 to 35 G master limbs on it it has the battery grip of course because sometimes I'll be shooting video and I like having that extra battery in there plus having.

A little bit more to hold on to for me is good you know I have I'd say an average size hand maybe a little bit bigger than normal and I like I don't like my hand hanging off the edge of the camera so I like having the battery grip on there and then I always get asked about this but I have the custom SLR M plate Pro on the bottom and I use this because it gives me an ARCA Swiss plate.

Essentially it also gives me a more neutral point for when I'm using a camera strap so I'm hanging my camera essentially from here instead of back here which usually tilts the camera quite a bit or maybe that way tilts the camera quite a bit I like my camera to hang level I don't know why it's just just me and then of course this plate makes it very easy for you to set your.

Camera down and have it not tip over or wobble and especially if you have a heavier lens on the front having it sit like this is really nice so I'm going to go through some of the reasons that I'm getting rid of this camera and then I'm also putting a video together on how to prepare your camera to sell because there are lots of things that you need to consider when selling a camera and.

There's different places in ways that you can sell your camera and so I wanted to go over that because some of you might have gotten a new camera over the holiday season or something like that and you might want to know those things so the first reason that I'm getting rid of this camera is that there is a rear there's an issue with the screen and I don't it isn't specific to this camera.

Because other people have had this issue but when you're filming when you're shooting video and you're looking at the viewfinder screen on the back there's weird color going on and I don't know what the problem is there if it's a defect of a certain amount of cameras I haven't had I haven't seen everybody complain about this but I have seen multiple people.

Complain about this it doesn't actually affect the color of the footage so when you go and review your footage it doesn't have the same problem that you see on the back of the screen this is this something that I've seen that other people have had issues with I think it's just a specific issue to to maybe the camera itself and some people might just not have reported it because they don't.

Use this camera for video shooting but for me it's a distraction it makes it hard for me to tell that I'm getting the footage that I want to get of course if I plug an external monitor into it which I'm often using a small HD focused monitor you don't see that problem because you're bypassing the screen on the back but the problem is is that I do see that and it affects my ability to.

Shoot video I always think that something's wrong with my footage and I'm always worried about the consistency of my footage until of course I go and look at it on the computer so I just can't have that the other another thing is this camera has less consistent autofocus than the a7 3 I have the a7 3 it's what I'm looking into right now the a7 3 seems to be my my go-to camera all.

The time because it has I'm jumping ahead of myself now but it has a bit more consistent of an autofocus it uses essentially the same autofocus system that the a9 has and I absolutely loved that about the a9 the a7 3 is a fantastic camera and and that is essentially what I'm going to be sticking with is the a7 3 the a7 r3 though an amazing camera is just fall.

Short in a few different areas so the next thing is you know it does kind of have too high of resolution for what I'm using it for and I know that sounds kind of weird like why would you want to choose a camera that has a lower resolution but the thing is is it does have two high resolution and there's no way like on a Canon or I think even a Nikon to go and choose a smaller.

Resolution raw image the only option that you have on this camera for changing the size of the raw image is to go compressed versus uncompressed and I would rather have like a small or a medium raw size image and have it uncompressed to get the size of an image that's not a huge you know amount of storage that it's gonna take especially.

If I go and shoot you know a couple thousand images and I'm shooting at raw because I want the flexibility of a raw image this camera is just gonna produce monster files and I have to store those and I'm trying to get away from having to have too much physical storage I'm trying to move to the cloud and with moving to a cloud comes a cost and so I'm trying to keep my file size down.

While keeping the quality of the image as high as possible so I don't need the high resolution of the images out of this camera though there are perfectly acceptable reasons to have that high megapixel and to have that high resolution of an image the 99% of the things that I'm shooting I don't need that for most of the content that I'm shooting goes direct to web which are.

Gonna downsample quite a bit anyways and and I just don't need that high resolution so due to that high resolution and of course with higher resolution cameras they aren't as sensitive and low light such as the the ISO sensitivity so the ISO sensitivity on this camera though it is expandable up to over a hundred thousand the ISO sensitivity on the a 7-3 is over two.

Hundred thousand and so the ISO quality is just better on the a 7-3 and I would prefer the ISO sensitivity increase on the a seventy three because when I do need to boost the ISO up quite a bit the a 7-3 is gonna hold together better than the a7 r3 and of course we don't have an a7 s 3 yet the a7 s to currently which is the current model is of course the just the grant the gold standard and.

High ISO sensitivity but of course you get that really low resolution image I think it's like 12 or 12 point 2 megapixels out of that camera versus you know these other two cameras which are a lot more so I don't need the high resolution of this camera and and I'm not wanting the things that are trade-offs essentially I don't want the lower sensitivity ISO because of that so.

Pixel binning is is something that this camera does when filming and since I do a lot more filming these days then then then photos well I want to be careful saying that because I do shoot a lot of photos but I feel like I'm more flexible with photos because cameras all the cameras are pretty good these days even our smartphones are really good of course they're no comparison to cameras.

Like this but when it comes to shooting video that's still tricky video still requires a camera to be really good and the quality of the glass you're shooting through everything still has to kind of be dialed in for good quality video and what pixel binning is essentially is it's a process of taking a sensor taking the data that a sensor is collecting and it's it's compressing or kind of bending.

All of that together and it's pixel bending essentially as an algorithm for processing what the sensor is seeing and taking it into the camera for you no further image processing and the sensors in both of the cameras the a7 r3 and the a7 3 are pretty close to the same but on the a7 3 you're utilizing the whole 6k of that sensor and it's down sampling that into a 4k image versus this camera.

Here it's using an algorithm to kind of put to take that sensor and bring things down it's really only using about 5k of that sensor and and the quality of the image some will say is a bit decreased their pixel binning isn't essentially as big of a deal for me as as some people might say I'm bringing it up because it is a thing of course one will argue to me with the higher resolution of an.

Image here even when you take a higher resolution image and you shrink it down all of those pixels are becoming tighter and you're getting a higher Ellucian overall image and same could be done with the video as well I like the fact that when I'm capturing with the a7 3 it's using that full 6k sensor and compressing all that down into 4k footage for me which is going to produce.

A little bit better of an image than the a7 or 3 I wanted to bring it up because it's a thing and people would be like oh what do you think about pixel binning but it's not that big of a deal I don't think when we're actually compressing and uploading to YouTube that anybody's really gonna notice that big of a difference but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless the last thing is the price.

For performance of course there are some really good things about this camera the a7 r3 but primarily it's the higher resolution image that you're going to get out of it because the more the higher megapixel rating this camera is also going to be more expensive of course it's been out for a little while now so you can pick one up used for a decent price but if you want to purchase.

It new it's still gonna cost between a thousand to fourteen hundred dollars more than the a7 3 and in my opinion considering what I do mostly for a living in regards to photography and video the a7 3 provides more value per dollar for me because it shoots great 4k video which I shoot everything in 4k it takes amazing photos it's better in low light situations which means I don't.

Necessarily have to rent an a7 - for those lower light situations that I normally would want that additional ISO sensitivity I haven't had to do that since having the a7 3 and then of course you know that that extra savings can go in my pocket because I'm not spending that extra money if I do need something higher resolution which I don't have anything scheduled for 2019 that's gonna.

Require high resolution images I can always rent a camera and that's something that I've done in the past quite often I haven't owned the I had the a7 s but I haven't owned the a7 s - I've just rented it many times and I need to put that into practice for the rest of my Photography equipment and stuff if I don't use it at least several times a.

Month I should just rent it and save the money because it's gonna be cheaper in the long run to rent especially how often things are updated I would say lenses you know are less often updated maybe you buy a lens and you use that and you rent cameras when needed but if you're not using your camera multiple times per month it's actually cheaper just to go.

And rent it and then you don't have that that expensive item depreciating as you're not using it as it sits on the shelf so that's gonna do it for this video like I said this is just my opinions on this camera and why I'm getting rid of it it's not me saying anything bad about this camera at all if I wasn't trying to minimize a little bit in my life I would most definitely be.

Hanging on to it because it is an awesome camera there's absolutely nothing wrong with it but I thought I would put out some of the issues that I do have with it that I don't have with the a7 3 so I've got links down in the description below if you happen to use this video as a determining factor on whether or not to go with an a7 r3 or in a 7-3 I would appreciate clicking on.

That link down below I also have some links to some of the accessories that I talked about on this camera in case you're interested and then a note new video that I'm putting up is how to sell your camera as well there's lots of things to consider I've sold a lot of cameras over the years on eBay Amazon in person for cash lots of different ways and so I wanted to share some of those.

Insights with you so make sure to check out that video thanks so much for checking out this one give it a thumbs up if you found it useful subscribe to the channel here on ditch auto and click the little bell next to it seem to be notified when I put out new videos make sure to check out our ditch Auto Facebook group it's a group of like-minded individuals who like growing.

In photography and encouraging each other all around the subject of getting to know our cameras more using that manual mode getting out of automatic so make sure to check out that link down below as well thanks again and we'll see you in the next one you


Kunal Tewari • 13 дней назад
"People ask me what camera I use gives an indicator what's the best camera in market" dude you give yourself lot of lot of importance. Dumbest video ever
👍 0
wonderwall135 • 1 месяц назад
now i know to never watch your videos. good luck
👍 0
Rick H • 2 месяца назад
Are you part Ferrengi? a9 to a7r3 to a73? Talk about eating depreciation costs, even with net cash.
👍 2
Jamie L. • 2 месяца назад
Good points about file size headaches
👍 0
Oleg Korsak • 2 месяца назад
poor man`s talks
👍 0
Javay Mey • 2 месяца назад
SONY A7Ill vs A7RIII, Which one should
i buy?
Which one has a good level of image.
If i want to buy, which one?
👍 0
Jim Penn • 2 месяца назад
Is it still available? How much are you asking USD for body only with the original packaged accessories? What is the shutter count?
👍 0
ken komatsu • 2 месяца назад
Really liked your video. You sound like an honest individual, and I can relate to your reasons for selling the camera.
👍 0
SuperDigitalMe • 2 месяца назад
I will never sell mine. Best camera i own. Btw, those youtubers, do they really think they are that important?? Why im selling... Should i buy..... Should i switch to..... I DONT FUCKING CARE!!!!
👍 0
Onefoot Atatime • 2 месяца назад
How much are you selling your AR3 for
👍 0
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
Already sold it.
👍 0
Arnold Munthe • 2 месяца назад
the comments below are nearly more fun and intriguing than this actual video -- amazing anger, and yet lots of really good advice here in this video - it comes down to are you already a successful videographer with great projects in front of you, or a struggling artist who thinks he is a filmmaker with limited budget. Where you are on the ladder to success is probably as important as your budget planning, available cash, and immediate needs for other equipment. For example, think sound and audio as much as good video quality - yeah this became a long comment
👍 2
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
Appreciate your long comment!
👍 0
OUR WORLD TV • 2 месяца назад
I will take it off your hands its a great camera would like to get into Sony's Camera line. Great channel by the way.
👍 0
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
Thank you!!
👍 0
Enrico Forlini • 2 месяца назад
Given all the reasons you've mentioned why you don't need the A7III, then why did you even purchase the A7III ?
👍 0
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
I purchased the a7R III Because I wanted to replace the previous version of the camera that I had had for quite sometime since so many put quite a gap between the last version in this version. Of course due to the way that they release cameras, the a7 III had not been released and if it had been I probably would not have purchased the a7R III.
👍 0
Christopher Howell • 2 месяца назад
Who cares!!
👍 0
Allen Freeman • 2 месяца назад
I’ve had my A7Riii since it was released. Thank goodness I don’t have those problems. And don’t agree with most of the other reasons you are selling yours.
👍 6
Mercy Fields • 2 месяца назад
X-H1 for best color science and sharpest lenses.
👍 5
Rick Mentore • 2 месяца назад
For a wedding shooter the 7III is more suitable. I would not want to shoot anything but landscape with the A7RIII. 24Mega Pixel and fast focus is what makes the 7III more desirable for most. I would however give up the the 7III for the A9.
👍 0
John Pepp • 1 месяц назад
+Ditch Auto, I personally don't care about log video profiles. The videos come out fantastic for me on the A9 and 99 percent of people won't know the difference. In my opinion you should had keep the reasons why you're downgrading to yourself or at least explain that you are giving up certain features. The first point sounds like you should had gotten you camera fixed and saying others have reported the same problem is nonsense in my opinion. I have watched a lot podcasts and visited a lot of forums, but you were the first to mention it. I think you're just trying to justify why you're downgrading and unjustly giving people looking for a mirrorless camera misleading info. My first mirrorless camera was the Sony A7RIII and had not intention in buying the Sony A9. However, over the holiday a $1000.00 off during the holidays was to tempting for me, so I bought a Sony A9. As for the Sony A7R3 having too large of files size there's a simple solution buy external storage. That's what I did for my iMac, I have now 18 TB of storage and if I need more I'll just buy another mass storage hard drive. I tried cloud storage and I personally don't like it. Even at broadband speed it took a long time uploading images to the cloud. I like having both the A9 and A7RIII for I like taking pictures of birds in flight and post editing in Photoshop. I always say it's better to have too many pixels than not enough, for you can always downsize a picture than add pixels to a picture. Oh that brings up another point, you don't have to save large files, for you can always make them smaller in post if you wanted to.
👍 0
Rick Mentore • 2 месяца назад
Ditch Auto I used the A9 for one wedding the autofocus was not much different from the 7III but I found the files cleaner at higher ISO. I wouldn’t upgrade just for the ISO and as a wedding photographer the 20 frames per second is not necessary. However, if I ever find an A9 for $2500/3000 I would snatch it up in a hurry. Love your videos, they are inspiring.
👍 0
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
I had the a9 but I couldn't justify keeping it due to the cost of the camera when it launched because though the AF was amazing, it didn't have any log video profiles.
👍 1
The Monk • 2 месяца назад
Thank you for producing this video. I am a subscriber and try to watch what your produce. Your content is high quality.
My only and I mean only critique is that vlogs longer than ten minutes are harder to watch than ten minute vlogs, but I recognize you had a lot to say about this camera.
👍 0
The Monk • 2 месяца назад
Everything you said in this video was relevant. It is more a function of attention span. I own a fairly large number of Canon L lenses and don't see myself ever leaving the brand, but wanted to hear what YOU had to say about the Sony. However, it was hard to give more than ten minutes to a video about a camera I don't own, or have any intention of acquiring. But it was you and you have earned Dustin Abbott-like credibility, which is the highest compliment anyone can give.
Whether you know it or not, you have a following. At least thirty-six thousand and climbing, I suspect.
I know there are naysayers, but there will always be naysayers. Consider the source, don't pay attention to what they write and stay confident in your delivery.
👍 0
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
Thanks for the feedback. I know I need to slim up my videos.
👍 0
Enmy Myen • 2 месяца назад
I purchased a few days ago a a99II brand new body only for 1700 dollars brand new and I don't ... It was a good deal?
👍 0
Muddy Export • 2 месяца назад
I didn't hear you say what you are going to use in its place. A7 III? Inferred. At one point, early on, I thought you might be heading back to Canon. Just curious.
👍 0
Ditch Auto • 2 месяца назад
The a7 III, sorry I wasn't clear. I already have it as it is what I was filming this video with.
👍 0
Gary Diehl • 2 месяца назад
Nothing wrong with it but I do have issues. WTF
👍 0