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Top 10 Odd & Bizarre People You Won't Believe Actually Exist - Unbelievable Awesome Peoples

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Top 10 Odd & Bizarre People You Won't Believe Actually Exist - Unbelievable Awesome Peoples
The world is full of incredible sights, stories and people. In fact, when you look around there are some rather incredible People that live on this planet. Whether overcoming rare diseases or living a full life despite missing limbs. These following cases are definitely amazing and inspirational. Here are Top 10 Odd & Bizarre People You Won't Believe Actually Exist - Unbelievable Awesome Peoples
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the world is full of incredible sights stories and people in fact when you look around there are some rather incredible people that live on this planet whether overcoming rare diseases or living a full life despite missing limbs these following cases are definitely amazing and inspirational here are top you won't believe actually exist before we begin.

Make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content zetro 28-year old Zach Kroll can impressively bench 420 pounds and do push-ups in his wheelchair last year he opened up his own CrossFit gym where he offers three classes to other amputees Zach from Houston Texas stair anybody who has ever told me I couldn't do something I proved them.

Wrong Zach was born with brittle leg bones and missing his thigh bones so doctors amputated both over the course of his life but his mother Cheryl corbello showed him early on in his life that he was no different from able-bodied people Zach started playing sports and lifting weights in junior high school but his coaches were reluctant to let him play.

Zach was born without thigh bones and brittle bones in his legs so doctors amputated them over the course of his life he said my message for amputees or any disability would be don't let anybody tell you you can't do something Shalini Yadav a teenage girl who sheds her skin every two months because of an ultra rare condition has been Crowley likened to a human snake Shalini yatta.

17 year old needs to constantly smear her body with moisturizer to stop it from hardening and seizing up the youngsters family are so poor they cannot afford that and need to spend their money on providing food for eight people including her grandparents the Indian teenager had been thrown out of school because of her extraordinary appearance.

Doctors had diagnosed dairy-free derma an inflammatory skin disease also known as red man syndrome but are unable to treat it it causes the skin over almost the entire body to become scaly and flake off Shalini has shed her skin every 45 days since she was born she has to soak her body in water every hour night and day and smear himself with lotion every three hours to.

Prevent drying out defconn wha a caregiver in a state-funded community center is so heartbroken she says death would be kinder to her daughter Eric dah at 79 world champion Eric dower is the ultimate man to beat on the circuit joking about his impressive trophy collection full of super toned male statues Eric from Bangor in northern island says to me that's what a.

Man should look like it's fantastic not everyone's cup of tea but there you go the world's oldest muscle man show old age isn't all about tea this Gibson putting your feet up in front of the telly with only a year to go until the finals in Miami the aging athletes are training hard to get into tip-top shape that means daily weights sessions in the gym and a strict diet of lean meat and.

Rice with a ban on sugar salt and fat but losing his World Championship status to Eric last year has dented the plumbers confidence he said people think at 70 years and older you should be sad watching television or reading books or whatever but this is different dearer a boy a 32 year old dearer a bahai spent about as much time on his hands as he does on his feet having.

Trained to walk on his hands from a very young age he can now climb mountains and perform all kinds of stunts with his legs hanging in the air interestingly Deera who lives in two grey northern Ethiopia grew up watching Chinese and American movies but as a kid he didn't know anything about editing he thought all the stunts he saw on screen were real so he started to train in order to.

Emulate his heroes by the time he learned that most of the action scenes in his favorite films were nothing more than illusions dyra had already become a master of hand walking so he kept on training he can pull cars while standing on his Klieman descent the mountains around his hometown and even carry people on his back while walking on his hands so I'm.

Pretty sure his dream will become a reality very soon well some people found his skill amazing others simply said that there are much better things he can do with his hands than use them for walking especially with two healthy legs to use for that a Bieber rocks a webcam performer has spent an astonishing forty thousand pounds on plastic surgery in order to look more plastic.

Self-proclaimed backquote bimbo girl Aviv rocks now boasts super-sized lips and distinctive curves and says she now makes a decent living the 28 year old says she's proud of being that quote a bimbo girl and what she calls back quote the bimbo lifestyle Aviva rocks describes herself as a back quote Barbie with curves and has undergone over six surgeries to become the perfect version.

Of herself she says she also dreams about having some of her ribs removed to give her a slimmer waist and has no regrets although she admits back quote every single surgery hurt her beauty regime includes hair extensions mchupe manicures fillers and salon treatments which comes to about 200 pounds per month rich Willis a dad with dwarfism is taking his passion for powerlifting.

All the way to Tokyo 2020 is Paralympics following over 50 operations to treat his joints a result of being born with diastrophic dwarfism rich Willis found that he was completely reliant on pain medication to get through the day but one comment from his five-year-old daughter cherry turned everything around determined to show his daughter that he could achieve anything he set his mind.

To the 47 year old from dry field East Yorkshire kicked the pain medication and embarked on his new journey as a power lifter even though he only weighs 51 kilos Rich's top bench presses at 110 kilos and he is not planning on slowing down anytime soon although his journey has not always been a one despite Estella education rich face more discrimination at university he was.

Turned away from a conditional place once they realized he had dwarfism but rich refused to back down and successfully change their minds tour leader Jam a parasitic worm infection has caused a woman's feet to swell to more than three times their normal size tour Nita Jane from India has lymphatic filariasis a condition more commonly known as elephantiasis it has caused her.

Left leg and feet to swell massively in size she has never won a pair of shoes because of her illness the 21 year old who claims she was born with the condition spread by mosquito bites is now house bound she said I was born like this this is very serious trouble for me my life is not normal at all initially my condition was not affecting me much.

But later the weight was too much for my body to handle Miss Janet Jammu and Kashmir State has never won a pair of shoes because of the massive size of her legs and feet the condition has affected torn either since birth but has worsened over time sadly tonita has never been able to wear shoes and has even had her toes amputated to try and ease her discomfort.

But still faces a daily struggle with the condition and shoe Coomer a mysterious medical condition has caused a man to be cruelly nicknamed alien by local villagers and shook humour 22 year old from Giganta India is thought to suffer from multiple diseases that doctors have been unable to diagnose leaving him with an enlarged head and deep set narrow eyes his condition which.

May be Jacobson syndrome also causes mr. Coomer to walk abnormally have difficulty standing and be unable to grow any hair on his head and in just fifty pounds a month as a labourer mr. Coomer is unable to afford to visit a specialist who may be able to finally diagnose his disorder mr. Coomer hopes the government will step in and help fund his treatment so he can live a.

Normal life he is hoping the government will step in and help fund his treatment so he can live a normal life kerubim are the longest time to spray water from the mouth is fifty six point three six seconds and was achieved by kerubim elmer in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on the 22nd of September 2016 kerubim alma has a unique talent where he can spray water uninterruptedly from.

His mouth as can be seen on the video above Yoma chugs a lot of liquid before he starts the waterworks there's some science behind his spittle yellowness said he used his medical studies to figure out the best way to regurgitate water Jelena is able to regurgitate water from his stomach and combine that ability with tricks he learned in school and months of practicing his breathing.

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The narration is terrible. It's robotic, repetitive and monotone. I would think covering the stories of these wonderful, unique individuals should warrant better narration. The story is lost in the annoyance of the narrator.
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Did they exist
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I feel sorry for most of these people born w incurable diseases. I wish people would NOT be SO damn cruel.
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Who else thinks his voice is annoying
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Bianca Henry • 5 дней назад
Who else thinks his voice is annoying
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Bianca Henry • 5 дней назад
Who else thinks his voice is annoying
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He is very handsome and very brave love what he does don't let nothing get in your way of success😍
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They were born that way and can't help it, unlike you who was born retarded and can't help being born without a brain.
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She never wore shoes I guess 🤷‍♀️
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You can not always change how you are born, it's a shame that some people are so mean towards others who are different. If we are all the same we would be robots.....Iike this voice lol
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Salini Yadav condition can be treated by Ayurvedic medicine... Ayurvedic has cure for dis kind of diseases.. plzzzz help her....
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jenny jenny he is from India where Ayurveda was invented but unfortunately
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