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Top 10 Songs From Theatre Musicals

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Roll out the red carpet, and wind down your windows! Because you'll soon be singing along like you're the star of the show! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Songs From Theater Musicals.
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For this list, all contenders have to have been created for the stage production of any musical, and have to have been made famous through that stage production initially.
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Like Jesus cavil hey old chum come to the Cabaret roll out the red carpet and wind down your windows cuz you'll soon be singing along like you're the star of the show to be different of it dip it down welcome to watchmojo.com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 songs from theatre musicals there's no business like show business if you tell.

Me it's all for this list all contenders have to have been created for the stage production of any musical and have to have been made famous through that stage production initially film adaptation tracks such as singing in the rain or somewhere over the rainbow won't feature and there can only be one song selected per musical number 10 defying gravity wicked change within me something is not.

The same I'm through with playing someone else's game get too late for second the signature song from probably the most prominent musical of the 21st century defying gravity is appropriately and incredibly uplifting a majority solo with a couple of duets thrown in for good measure the song is.

Performed by the newly enlightened Elphaba originally played by idina menzel and her friend Glinda originally played by Kristin Chenoweth the finale of the show's first act define gravity is all about living without limits and has already achieved an iconic status within the theater world nobody in all the wizard that.

There is or was you number nine doremi The Sound of Music once you have these notes in your heads you can sing on million different tunes by mixing them up like this SoDo laughs army doe rain so much of the sound of music might have featured today Edelweiss every morning you greet my favorite things brown paper packages.

Tied up with strings these are a few of my favorite things or the show's title track are all almost top ten worthy with The Sound of Music but doremi is what really does it for us a song which really has the essence of musical and music in general at its heart doremi is a lyrical representation of the soul Foss scale which is a music education method used.

To teach vocal pitch yourself haha GG wait a minute uh no moods to come now say you can sing it's a series of largely unlinked words and phrases it's near nonsense made sense of through song what could be better number eight if I were a rich man fiddler on the roof if I were a rich man Java Davy Davy Davy Davy Davy Davy dumb all day long very very pitiful if I were.

A wealthy man taken from early enact one of Fiddler on the Roof our next song is sung by the show's central character Tevye as he laments his considerable lack of wealth I'd build a big tall house where the rooms bite a dozen right in the middle of the town a fine tin roof with a real wooden floors below there would be one long staircase just going up and one even longer coming down.

And one more leading nowhere just for show Tevye a dairy man forced to drag his own milk cart questions why he has been made poor while others have more money than is necessary if he were a rich man he'd enjoy splashing cash in a similar fashion to meet a victim Lord who made of a lion and the lamb you the Creed I should be what I am but then who.

Wouldn't like two bitty bitty bum their days away this is living the dream in lyrical form number seven seasons of love rent seasons of our next musical brings together a group of artists living in New York City who are forced to negotiate work and relationships under the shadow of AIDS he cried.

Seasons of love is the signature rent tune however and it's definitely not doom and gloom five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear five hundred thousand how do you measure with an already iconic refrain of five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes the song searches for a suitable method of measuring life and plans upon love it really is all you need.

Oh you number six Aquarius hair some at the beginning of the late 60s musical hair Aquarius was a call to arms for its generations flower power and remains one of the most rousing songs ever sung on stage from its opening line Aquarius speaks of celestial bodies aligning and.

International Peace descending onto earth a fanciful notion for some it's a faith worth holding on to for these characters a song made all the more famous following its chart release by the fifth dimension as a medley with let the Sun Shine in its infectiously uplifting yeah number five tomorrow.

Annie is all I used to sing in the orphanage when I get sad it always cheered me up another optimistic musical number tomorrow takes all of any sadness and sets it against the hope that times will change just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow til there's a subtle song requiring a little less production than some others.

On today's countdown it lends itself to cover versions aplenty come one a heck it's even been used to promote 21st century cereal set yourself with Kellogg's tonight see you at breakfast a record that is stood and will stand the test of time it's a reminder to everyone that hard times won't last forever number four all that jazz Chicago come on boo whoa we painted all that jazz I'm.

Gonna lose my knees Roma seconds down and all that jazz a serious shift in mood now and the epitome of a showstopper all that jazz gives us exactly what its title promises noisy Hall where there's a nightly brawl and the opening song of Chicago it's about painting the town red and priming its audience for a musical like no other your hair I've like a buckle shoes all.

That jazz a signature record for one Liza Minnelli it's the kind of song that requires an especially glittery outfit to really do it justice guaranteed to get even the shyest audience member at least tapping their toes all that jazz is the very definition of all-singing all-dancing number three I dreamed a dream lemis eggnog.

That we were together in any regular musical one day more would be by far and away the most impressive moment and would easily make today's countdown however name is Akkad also has the ever inspirational I dreamed a dream sung by Fantine shortly after she's begun life on the streets the song is a painstaking lament comparing the.

Characters hopes for life and the harsh realities of it and yet there are moments in I dreamed a dream that have us all roused with optimism it's all of the emotions rolled into one sensational record number two the music of the night the phantom of the opera' nighttime sharpens heightens each sensation another major musical for which more than one song.

Might have scored a top 10 place all I ask of you could have featured for the Phantom of the Opera but in music of the night we have a song that lyrically and literally hypnotizes the listener open up your mind let your fantasies unwind in this darkness that you know you cannot find performed by the eponymous phantom as he lures christine daaé a into his lair beneath.

The Opera House it encapsulates the characters loneliness and includes a magical hook that won't ever leave your head no matter how hard you try before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions don't tell me not to fly I simply got to if someone takes us as well it's me and not you who told you you're a chuckles but the girls a free we've had.

No rain in several days I said he got evil eye and 80% of us have it I said he got a boy I like to be innovating okay bye buddy everything free in America number one memory cats she is smiling most famously performed by either Ellen Page or Barbra Streisand memory is appropriately as unforgettable a showtune as has ever been written.

Is another night another day it's sung by the character Grizabella and she remembers with fondness the glamour cat she once was but realizes with sadness how far she has fallen the nostalgic tone and lyrics are relatable for just about anybody meaning that there's rarely a dry eye in the house or a hair not stood on end during any.

Performance it's the final song to our final act a worthy whiskered winner do you agree with our list which musical number is your favorite when you're a jet Yoda tarkatan town you're a gold-medal kid with a heavyweight crown for more sing-along top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojo.com.

I'll be the same at the end


Thomas Hart • 14 часов назад
For fiddles on the roof a would probably put tradition
👍 1
Ktportal Productions • 5 дней назад
1:50 it’s GAlinda with a GA. (Don’t hate me that’s a reference from the musical)
👍 1
Toni Fontilla • 6 дней назад
Phantom of the opera and les miserables should have been all top ten in this list
👍 0
thinkingofagoodusername • 10 дней назад
👍 0
Kai Dela Cruz • 11 дней назад
U forgot about Miss Saigon, Hamilton, The King and I, And heck, why is Wicked on the 10th?
👍 0
Gregory Wenrich • 13 дней назад
First of all, Ellen Page was in Juno; ELAINE Paige sang “Memory”. Also, ummm, Betty Buckley was the original. Also, am I the only one that hates count down videos that say things like “theatre songs” but then show movie clips...it’s not hard to find performances from the casts.
👍 0
Efron Tactical • 14 дней назад
Lmfao RENT was about AIDS??😂😂😂 Tf??
👍 0
go commit I don't feel so good • 19 дней назад
*Inhales and exhales...* 10, defying gravity, is 10.
👍 0
Layla Grace • 21 день назад
3:13 any one else thing thinking of Ariana grande 7 rings
👍 0
Ktportal Productions • 22 дня назад
If newsies isn’t her then I’m not gonna be happy
Edit: I’m not happy
👍 1
Ruth Carter • 25 дней назад
Defying gravity should have definitely been in a higher spot on the list... I couldn't really get into this list because i was so upset about that.
👍 0
Nadia • 26 дней назад
Where is beauty and the Beast
👍 0
ChrisLiam Shepard • 26 дней назад
Dreamed a Dream should be Henshall's version. Js
👍 0
Jolene Thomas • 26 дней назад
I clicked on this bc the cover pic was phantom.
👍 0
Shawn N • 27 дней назад
Wow. A WatchMojo list I almost entirely agree with! "Memory" #1 without question! "Music of the Night" #2. We could argue that another Les Mez song should be #3, but let's not nitpick. Fantastic!
👍 0
Jordan Schelte • 27 дней назад
Defying gravity is far too low
👍 0
Jordan Tyrrell • 28 дней назад
Can we get a redux of this list?
👍 0
Lindsi Lightner • 28 дней назад
This is the third video on music from musical theater I've watched from this user... and they've yet to even mention Sondheim...
👍 0
Jen Chough • 29 дней назад
Keeps talking about how inspirational and optimistic "I Dreamed A Dream" is. Girl, the last line is "Now, life has killed the dream I dream." Did you guys at Mojo even listen to these lyrics or learn the context??
👍 0
Erin Miller • 29 дней назад
When you start with Defying Gravity at the bottom of the list, I automatically don’t trust the rest of your opinions. (Glad to see some ALW classics at the top though)
👍 0