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listen no one told me this is how I'm gonna spend my Saturday now using a full four silver squad to unlock this card it's not right can I ask a serious question why does Andy think I look like Marv from home alone how can I look like Marv from home alone when I meant to look like Macaulay.

Culkin from home alone I don't understand what he's saying by the way if you guys want to go to Andy aka j3v plus channel he did an episode of squad roulette with me it was absolute jokes go check it out but we are here today oh wait that's not either that's not how the videos usually start usually starts with a song take me to church the silver.

Tournament took a few years off of my life use and silver players only that is not a white ball something boys and welcome to the 88 County bow under --scent Eliska or talisha I'm not exactly sure how you pronounce it it wasn't probably this was not the craziest tournament there was one crazy when the Santi Cazorla one was nuts the hosted Martinez one was pretty good too.

This one however was the most difficult one to do took me 16 games I'll show you guys the stats at the silver players I used the requirement was you could only use 11 Brazilians there had to be 11 but a silver Brazilian players near squad to unlock it and that is exactly what we did took us about I believe two hours just just over two hours to do the entire thing I think we got like three.

Or four rage quits and then the rest we just had to play but and we backed out of a few games as well but took us 16 tries took us 16 games to unlock this card now if you guys have done it you guys let me know in the comments if you think he was worth it for you we're gonna find that out in this epi as you guys can see here the stats look absolute mad lad for a free basically a.

Free 88 rated card again not a hundred percent free because time is money right so technically it wasn't free it was about two hours and 15 or so minutes for me and we're gonna see if this card is absolutely we're gonna see if this card is worth it but if you guys are hyped for the EPI if you guys are looking forward to more carnival at these if you guys are looking forward to the second.

Upload of the day which is going to be my fatal epi verse Kazooie drop a like on the video if you guys are new the channel hit that subscribe button per usual but anyway if we're get a look at his card he's got 100 huge bug on my window huge bug Miami's the closest to Australia I kind of live in Australia because there's so many bugs in my room at all times plus 122 total.

In-game stats is what you get 84 has himself an 84 cars but this is massively boosted to the point where he's almost usable as a defensive player now the interesting thing about is defending stats yes it goes it goes up pretty massively but the main area that it bumps up is the heading accuracy 93 heading accuracy all the other defending stats are sort of.

Men standing tackle very nice marking solid if you put a shadow or anchor Kemp style in him he certainly turns into a usable defensive maybe a maybe an RC M maybe not a true CDM but maybe an RC M or an LCM or something like that but for the purposes of our game we're gonna be using them as a cam as you guys can see those distance those distance shooting even the finishing with AD composure.

Again not and not elite composure for a player but just some very very nice stats we've got the marksmen cam style on him this squad hasn't been great I've used a lot of Brazilians over the port of course of the past couple days as Carnivale has been going on and I think we have something like 2 wins and 6 losses so we got to write that ship we've got Hulk up there as our right.

Striker we've got alexandre pato who hopefully hears us ringing that bell and hopefully he can answer the call Luiz Gustavo Roy is just gonna happen if you got a full Brazilian side you know how the channel works sometimes we get a little bit loopy these are the silver players I used Diego farias I already had him I don't know what how much he goes for.

Right now but in the 16 matches he got me eleven goals four assists we use Elton who had six goals and seven assists if you guys are looking for a cheap very well-rounded player look no further than this guy we actually used him in fatal just a very very solid silver silver player if you're looking for someone to get this if you're looking for someone to get this.

Objective done he's got his own Brazel lad squad he's gots enter mili towel right back version one Jesus she's got Thiago Silva okay so this is a this is a die-hard this guy is all about getting the best cards in the game he's a flip-flop heavy guy he's even got that one to watch we're charlatans probably did some upgrade packs to get him am I saying it.

Right is it telesco or cal/osha the first thing that you notice about his card is that he's a gazelle he's a Brazilian gazelle his legs are I think probably the longest of any player in the game serious question if you guys can find me if you guys can find me gameplay of a guy whose legs look shorter than telescas I I guarantee you're not gonna be able to find that.

Here we go it's - lets get Eliska Wow the skill and then just in an instant in a moment Hulk steals the glory from him but they're gonna hug it out they're gonna give each other a little kiss on the cheek I mean he did in place I mean I don't know was that my fault aiming it right at aiming it right at zurka Oh Hulk smash it's unlucky.

Alright the dribbling is great can't confirm for a sixth-floor player I think that's probably the most but that's probably the most attractive thing about his card the fact that he has height and dribbling the highlight of that first half was that skill run from from 80 I think were just gonna call him 80 and that's why.

He's in China go the body feint master himself showing off what a Brazilians got yep he heard our call he heard the Bell we were we were ringing the dinner bell and we wanted that ball cake in the back of the net wow that's a hot cake right there nothing else oh I got on tinder it sucks tender sucks dude tinder is so bad who came out I'm not the sort of person that.

Can thrive on tinder you're gonna be like imagine you're swiping around imagine you're on tinder would you swipe would you guys swipe right on me or would you swipe laughing you're going on the trip now it's going to be rough three how dude on honestly how is that not a foul Wow bro he's got some aerial hops was very instrumental in getting our in.

Getting our two goals and very instrumental in getting our victory to be honest with you but one of the better skill runs I've had in all of FIFA very very skillful very smooth glides very nicely his ability to glide in his height like 6-3 6-4 how tall is he actually match number two he's got primal icons Giggsy so this guy he's either a Welsh or a Manchester United.

Fan or a fan of the guy that bangs his brother's wife this is this never happened okay please for the love of God he just decapitated his legs why is Alison Becker keep taking these bro come on Pato there's that bug bug is million miles an hour dude alexandre.

Pato making up for a couple lackluster performances the past couple days but you know what you don't give up on a player you don't give up on an absolute duck like that dude come on there we go what a strike fortunately the highlight of that first half was his miss his miss and then the Tony Cruz goal which was an absolute howitzer of a blast so I mean deserves to be deserves to be.

Equal we missed a few chances I got a feeling like we're gonna end this one three one we got we got a couple really nice strikes left in us I can feel it alright that's another miss oh I don't want to give him I don't want to give marks I mean that's a bad angle but that's another miss that he probably should have had dude come on - lets go No.

There we go those chances Douglas had a chance to move he didn't want to Alexander but those come on the revitalization of alexandre pato 82nd minute he's been the guy that would we've been able to count on throughout this entire episode eeeh and Mike honcho 36 is that a ragequit guy this guy's got some.

Confidence I can feel it he's got some confidence that he's gonna be think she's gonna be able to do something here guys this guy's got some confidence I can feel it he's got some confidence that he's good if he thinks he's gonna go let's do something here dude that such BS why does time count when there's oh my god oh whoa he's a very very good card but for whatever.

Reason he was just not able to finish someone just tweeted me saying he is amazing but all the shots I performed with him hit the post yeah dude that's kind of what I'm finding I'm finding that I'm hitting the post a lot yeah there's another two Liska I'm fighting that I'm hitting not only am i hitting the post a lot but just they're just not going in.

That offsides no it wasn't it was on okay nevermind this guy's gonna okay we're gonna make this guy regret that he ever came up against me we're gonna make this guy regret that he ever came up against me please tell me that's Luiz Gustavo please tell me Louise go of all players.

Luiz Gustavo just followed up that Huntelaar Thunder strike and Luiz Gustavo ball players on the squad follows up in answers with that goal please cassava what is life right now Luiz Gustavo is absolutely tearing the place up screw under sent Eliska get yourself Luiz.

Gustavo for under a thousand coins understand Tillis get has long shot stats four days and then Luiz Gustavo with sixty shooting comes out of nowhere and buries a couple screamers why didn't I just rip that and of course up horse of course his under his understand Telesca goes ahead and it was a deflection goal I was in.

Own goal at least someone's understood telescope lays well Jesus man three games played not a goal or an assistant three matches played I don't know exactly how to explain that we win one we draw one and we lose one but I felt like we played really really well in all of our matches we've got flashback alexandre pato carnie bala Hulk and Telesca and we.

Score two of the best goals at least of the weaker the last couple weeks lure with um with Luiz Gustavo aka Prince but anyway boys that's gonna do it for the EPI again a free card if you don't consider time money I would probably have to give him something along the lines of stat wise he looks incredible but a lot of people are hitting me up on Twitter sayings way he's hitting the.

Post and he's just not finishing chances when he gets in the box so he's finishing looks like it might be a little bit glitched and not in a good way so I'm gonna give him about a 75% my main thing for the FB is I hope that ei continue doing these weekly objectives and maybe bring this out every couple of weeks where we have like a really fun little tournament an online singles that.

We can that we can grind towards whether it be a pact whether it be like a draft token which they've done before hopefully you guys have enjoyed if you guys did enjoy the MP drop a like on the video if you guys are per usual new to the channel hit that subscribe button down below fatal bursts kazooie coming out as a second upload today I promise you until.

Next time my bros juice later Abbie


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